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A blog of the Rev. Canon Dr. Ian Montgomery, missionary associate with SAMS-USA.

I am an Anglican Priest who has served in the USA since 1973 (with some interruptions). I am ordained in the Church of England. I am officially retired and our home is Rockingham, Vermont.   Polly and I served as missionaries in Peru with SAMS – USA (Society of Anglican missionaries and senders – formerly the South American Missionary Society.

This blog is about what God is doing and the privilege of being part of that.

My email address is frianm@aol.com

Skype me at frianm

US phone number – (802) 463 2175


Amigos del Peru   This is the 501(c)3 – our registered charity  in the USA

Anglican Diocese of Peru  This is Bishop Godfrey’s web site for the Diocese of Peru

Polly’s blog     This is Polly’s blog and is fascinating

Finishers    This is an organization that helps people of about retirement age to look at mission opportunities


More about our call to Peruperu-shield

Bishop Godfrey has invited me to mentor, teach, encourage and come alongside his clergy in Peru. The whole country is his diocese! I heard God speak to me very clearly in Lima and we have acted upon God’s call. Polly and I accepted His invitation.

In the last ten years Bishop Bill has developed seminaries in Lima and Arequipa. There are now several energetic, enthusiastic and freshly minted clergy and lay leaders. They are adept at starting new missions especially in the “pueblos jovenes,” or shantytowns, surrounding Lima, but there are no experienced clergy who can mentor these newly ordained clergy. Some have come from other denominations and lack understanding of how the Anglican Church operates. In all this there is need for further training. Along with this mentoring, the bishop will have me teach the seminarians.

Displaced people coming in from rural Peru build the shantytowns. These extend up the valleys and up the hillsides around and above the city. The building materials are initially anything that can be found and later converted to more substantial homes. The sand is held back by either rocks or stacked old tires. The buildings lack water or drainage and electricity lines run from house to house like spider’s webs. Eventually the city may build a street, a water tank and bring in electricity thus recognizing the new development. These “invaders” are coming in from rural Peru, driven by a variety of social circumstances and unrest. They are extraordinarily poor.

Ministry in the shantytowns is both evangelistic as well as socially transforming. In these communities the Anglican Church’s ministry is welcomed and bears great fruit. God had given me a great love for the Anglican clergy in Peru along with a passion to develop the ministry to the “poorest of the poor” who live in these shantytowns.

In April 2013 we returned to the USA where we continue to be involved in mission and ministry.  I continue to serve Bishop Godfrey and the Anglican Church in Peru.

We are thrilled to be missionary associates.  We are thankful for the prayer and $$$ support given so generously by so many.  We would be thrilled to have more folk join out ministry team by praying for us, contributing financially and visiting with us in Peru.  All these are ways that people can partner with us in what God is doing.  God bless you – to help us please go to the page “How to help.”

9 responses to “– About Ian –

  1. Hazen Alward

    Hello Ian

    I am very encouraged by the work that I see that you are doing. Please send me information on your work in south and central america. My wife and I help to support several missionaries and are often in prayer to discover other ways that we are to help to expand Gods kingdom. I do not know how we will be led whether it will be to pray for you or to add monetary support to your cause if we can ,but know that now there are two more believers in the States that can offer specific prayer for you and your wife and not just generic prayer for missionaries. We take that very seriously in our lives.

    Please know that I offer this word as a Christian brother and not as a banjoholic.

    God bless you and your work.


  2. frianm

    Thank you dear friend – please know that there will be both banjos and bagpipes in heaven to welcome the redeemed and to celebrate the Lamb. What we do now is practice for then!

  3. Rick Erdmann

    Miss seeing you at Computer World. It’s not the same with you gone. If you remember, I visited Peru about 12 years ago. I was there for 2 1/2 weeks. I have look for you on iChat, but have not found you yet. If you want, my e-mail address is: rerdmann@mac.com. I’ll give you an update on my dad if you e-mail me. God bless, Rick Erdmann.

  4. Norm Henderson

    Seems I have to leave a comment in order to subscribe for updates via Email. Why doesn’t wordpress support RSS feeds, like blogger?

  5. Daniel Westberg

    Dear Ian:

    What a pleasant surprise stumbling on to your website while investigating ACNA. I miss our occasional meetings at Nashotah House, and I am interested in your work in the Upper Valley since I went to college (Dartmouth) in that area many years ago. Blessings on your work, and I hope we can keep in touch.

    In Chirst,

    Dan W+

  6. Doug Creed

    I am a congregant at All Saints Anglican church in Charlotte, NC. We have supported the diocese of Peru for 7 or 8 years beginning at San Pedro in Lima (Misael and Claudia Varillas). We are now primarily supporting Fr. Misael and the Bishop Mike in Ica.

    When we were in Lima last April, Bishop Godfrey told us of your work, and we (Joe Smith and I) told him that we would be happy to assist you in the US with fund raising, promotion or the coordination of short term mission.

    I’ll be looking forward to meeting you on our next trip, and please contact me if I can be of assistance to you mission.


    • frianm

      Good afternoon Doug – I am sitting at the DFW airport awaiting our flight to Los Angeles where our daughter will get married next Saturday. Our time is getting exciting. May I call you next week? If so please send me your # at frianm@aol.com
      Blessings – Ian

  7. Hi Ian
    So good to have you with us yesterday in sunny Buckden. The children were certainly keen to pray for you and send you the proceeds of whatever they end up doing cake-stall wise! I’ll try and make sure they keep up with what you’re doing, and I’ll work on getting a photo of them to send you so you can show it to the children in the photos you brought to show us.
    Thanks again for coming, and also for the very beautiful stole, which I will treasure and which I know will be the envy of my vicar friends…!
    Every blessing to you and yours, and for all that you are doing in God’s name,

    • frianm

      Thanks Ally – it was a classically beautiful day in such a wonderful place. I am so thrilled by what you are doing there and am delighted to build the relationship – especially with the children in San Andres.
      Many blessings – Ian

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