God is working his purpose out.

I have been workingon putting together a support team. I believe that the team will have a Vermont as well as a Wisconsin component. So far God has given us Fr. Paul and Julie Feider, Fr. Ed Smith and Michael Sajbel, who I have titled “propagandist.” Michal is doing a wonderful job of helping Polly and me get our initial news letter ready. Fr. Andy Osmun is joining us from CT. Andy and I go back to seminary and 1972. Andy has been a stalwart SAMS board member for as many years as I can remember and knows so much more than I do about missions. Paul, Julie and Ed are my closest friends and companions in WI. They have prayed with us and fretted as God seemed to keep us on the hook. There are some more folk yet to be asked. I do not want to be too broad and just invite people because I like them. This has to be a leading from the Lord to us. Then the person can respond to God. I am also trying to give some separation from our parish who will, after we leave in January 09, be struggling with a search process and they do not need our ghost haunting their decisions in any way.

Michael Sajbel has said that the picture on the left is for him one of the most haunting in my collection. It was taken on my camera by Fr. Mike Chapman while I was singing and trying to attract people to our service. When she came Mike continued to photograph he and she hid the hat behind her back. She has the most beautiful face.

As a matter for prayer – please pray for a buyer to come along for our house. It is not as if we are moving until the end of this year, however it would be nice to have that house sale taken care of. We will be happy to rent when the time comes.

P.S. I know the picture is repeated further down the blog – It bears repeating.

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