Getting there by the grace of God.

This is a good week. Polly came back to Wisconsin for week so we could be together. What a joy to have her back here for a while. She will return to Vermont the day I fly to England to help my father and visit my brother. This week also we received our first pledge of financial support. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have God begin to put together this patchwork of wonderful people who are going to be part of this ministry. Our support team has been joined by Anne Peterson. Her daughter Katie is tutoring me in Spanish which is wonderful. I have now started to dip into a Spanish NIV Bible and have ordered a couple of “Oracion Comun” books. This is getting serious.

A dear friend advised me to put Polly on the front of the blog. He says, “I don’t know when I have seen pictures of Ian where he looked happier (Pictures of Polly would raise more funds. She is much prettier than you, Ian.)” So right – it is done.

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