God is in charge and what an adventure!

Dear Ones. While at camp I shared from C.S.Lewis. If I may paraphrase it, it is that life following Jesus is like traveling with the engine at our backs. At once I thought of what he meant. Meanwhile Polly also thought on it. I shared the statement from Lewis and asked what it meant to them. What images did it conjure up? Some folk thought of it as traveling on a train (not something many of us do these days) and we had our back to the engine up front and we were being pulled along, seeing what we had past as we moved along. Many more saw this differently. They saw it as being in a vehicle where the engine pushed us along in front. One likened it to a modern dragster. Others saw it as perhaps being in an old VW with its engine behind the back seat. As you read this I am sure that you have your own first image. Mine was rather dramatic.
I saw myself sitting on the front of a steam engine, legs hanging over the cowcatcher, sensing the power that carried me along the tracks. God was the driver and I was thrilling at the ride and expectantly looking to see what was around the next corner. This may tell you more about me than you want to know. However this is how I deal with life, especially when in the midst of huge change, facing the unknown, wondering where God is in all this. I tell you – I am totally confident in God! The ride can be scary (reminds me of a friend taking me to sit at the front of Raging Bull (horrible, huge roller coaster ride) last year.)
You see that is the other part of my confidence. I am with people who I trust. We do not face change, crisis, death or disaster alone. We are in the community of God’s family. Alone we may feel. Alone we are not. Jesus said that he would never leave us. That is my faith as it is his promise. Upon that promise I live or die. There is an old hymn and this is the refrain: – Standing, standing, standing on the promises of Christ my Savior; standing, standing, I’m standing on the promises of God. Banks may fail; friends have died and are dying. In the midst of this I thank God that Jesus is my savior and is driving the engine. God bless you all

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