With the Godfrey’s at Nashotah House

There was a delightful gathering at Nashotah House last week. Actually it was two gatherings. The first was the meeting of the Anglican Global Mission Partners and then a missions conference put on by the seminarians at which Bishop Bill Godfrey of Peru was the featured speaker, having been awarded a DD at Nashotah on Wednesday. It was the first time that I had seen +Bill and Judith since May in Peru. It was a great reunion.

It was a reunion too for me as I was able to gather with so many friends from the Anglican mission world. I made some more too! I was a guest of SAMS and it was a privilege to see how God is moving amongst us as well as hearing how God is putting his hand on so many to send them overseas. The AGMP folk ran workshops on Saturday and Bishop Godfrey gave keynote talks.

Bishop Godfrey shared out of his long experience as a missionary bishop. He was very modest as usual. God has used him greatly in both Uruguay and Peru. He has a vision of mission and mission mobilization that is so fresh and effective. He talked of his “spider pattern” for church planting. He spoke of training and equipping the people of Peru for ministry and eventual oversight. He spoke of complete integration of mission that is both Gospel and socially transforming – Mision integral.

His talks were inspiring to all present.

+Bill’s greeting to me was to say that he has my office awaiting me. Next to me is a Peruvian who speaks little English and wants to learn. I hope to learn Spanish from him. He confirmed that we should go to Arequipa for language school and I shall be setting that up shortly.

What a blessing!

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