We are in Lima, Peru

peru-shield1Polly and I have arrived and are well.  Lima was  a sweltering 80 degrees at the airport when we arrived just before midnight on Tuesday.  We were graciously welcomed by Judith Godfrey and Allen Hill.  The trip was a time of reflection – lost of time and God’s gifts – both upgraded to first from Detroit to Houston and lots of kindness.

We are staying with John and Susan Park and will begin the apartment search this afternoon having spent time browsing the internet this morning.  Yesterday we recovered from being on the road for nearly 24 hours and this morning we are in fine shape.  Yesterday I did attend the clergy morning and was able to be reunited with my dear clergy family here in Lima.  They are the most wonderful men and women, utterly dedicated to the Lord and the mission of the Church.  We spent time in small groups and counted off by numbers and guess what?  My group was all English speaking – a huge gift to me.  We are all getting ready for the Synod at the end of the March.  At this synod Polly and I will be formally incorporated and licensed in the Diocese.

Tomorrow we visit the language school and will get that set to begin on Monday morning.  Thereafter begins much hard work.  It looks as if we will be busy on the Sundays as we will visit several churches.  The cathedral will be our home church as we do speak that language!  Besides the Parks are wonderfully hospitable and encouraging.  I really do want to revisit with Polly the San Andres mission pictured with this entry.

Anyway – please pray – we are greatly encouraged already

San Andres Mision

San Andres Mision


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2 responses to “We are in Lima, Peru

  1. Sandy Johnson

    Bienvenidos a Peru. I hope your first week of language school went well and that you were able to find an aprtment. We’re only 5 weeks ahead of you.

    We hope to meet you within the next 2 months whenever we make it to Lima to finalize our residency paperwork. Charo is coordinating things for us.

  2. frianm

    Hi Sandy,
    I am excited at your being here and we will hope you make it up here sooner rather than later. We decided to study here as we will be working here mostly and want to know the city and the folk we will be with.
    Since we are only here for three months we will do the residency thing when we return. That is tentatively planned for November as we still have much support to raise. Meanwhile we believe that getting the language learning largely behind us is important – we can continue at home and then learn more when we return. The total course here is 19 weeks, and we will have done 12 or even maybe 13 by the time we depart.
    There is a diocesan Synod April 17/18 and I am hoping that we will meet up again with the Arequipa folk then. We had a fabulous time there back in May of last year when we were here on discernment.
    If you have a blog – please send it. Otherwise the WordPress people seem to have it down.
    Blessings – Ian

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