Sunday reflections

Polly and I went to Church this morning at a small mission.  It is using the chapel of the new Diocesan Center in Surco and is led by Fr. Alberto a hugely engaging, compassionate and fervent pastor.  He was assisted by a seminarian, Fr. Allen Hill and Deacon Rachel Hill.  Fr. Alberto led worship and preached and Fr. Allen celebrated.  It was emotive and engaging all the way through.  In spite of our limited Spanish we could understand the love and the presence of Christ.  Following the celebration many came forward for prayer ministry and healing.  What  difference to back home where usually only a few people avail themselves of this ministry.  Here it was most of the congregation.  While ministry continued the rest simply prayed for and worshiped with each other.  Nobody was heading for the door.  In my parish ministry we used to talk of “God showing up.”  These folk were waiting, expectant and God met them powerfully.  What a delight it was and a privilege to be there.

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