Changes, Convention (Diocese of Albany) and deputation

Ian Teaching

In March I was asked to take on a new task.  I have said yes.  I am very passionate about the ministry in Peru and am delighted to do all that I can to further this ministry. This task is to use some of my time as the Executive Director of Amigos del Peru.  The time has come for Amigos del Peru to be a 501(c)3 organization, an independent registered charity.  For several years the Diocese of Peru has been working and receiving donations as a part of a parish in Texas.  The Diocese of Peru is now large and complex and depends on North American and English donations  to do the work of the Kingdom in Peru.  People continue to be very generous and we seek to continue these existing relationships and expand them.

The 501(c)3 will be based in Texas.  The legal paperwork is progressing.  We have the beginnings of a board and treasurer who has been the auditor in the past.  I am also developing our contacts in the USA.  The plan is to have Bishop Godfrey and (after consecrated) Bishop Chapman make visits to the USA to address people in various strategic geographic groupings.  These visits will develop relationships,  tell the stories about what God is doing in Peru and invite partnerships in mission and ministry.  We want to link people, parishes and dioceses with this exciting work of God.

This coming weekend (June 18-21) Bishop Godfrey and I shall be in Coronado, California to speak of the ministry in Peru.  Next week I shall go on to Dallas Texas where I am meeting with supporters and those setting up our 501(c)3.

Since our return to the USA after Pentecost, Polly and I began a series of parish and diocesan visits.  We attended, preached and shared at the Cathedral in Springfield, MA.  We have visited St. Peter’s in Milford, CT which is one of our supporting congregations.  More visits are planned later this summer to share about our work in Peru and how God is using us.

Ian preaching in Milford, CT

This weekend we attended the Convention of the Diocese of Albany.

Albany convention 2010

The Diocese of Albany Convention is unlike any other that I have ever attended.  It is held as a weekend camp at a resort in the Adirondaks (it rained all the time!)  The whole diocese is invited, not just delegates and clergy.  They hold workshops, worship celebrations, youth rally and VBS for children.  It was a time of renewal, refreshment and being re-invigorated.

Polly and Ian teaching

Polly and I led a workshop on mission in retirement.  I subtitled it “Pensions with a Purpose.”

Shaw and Julie Mudge - missionaries to Peru

Our fellow missionaries Shaw, Julie and Lydia Mudge are from Albany and were there.  So also was Mike Chapman our bishop suffragan elect.  He was formally “sent off.”

Bishop-elect Mike Chapman "sent forth" by Bishops Herzog and Love and Archbishop Gomez

The Convention was a time of joy for Polly and me.  It was a time of reunion, refreshment and inspiration.

Fr. Mike and Ian at prayer ministry

Mike and I were back to our pattern of shared prayer ministry, which is how we met in Peru over two years ago.  It is my fervent hope that we can develop a more formal Peru/Albany connection.  They are sending a youth and adult team of eighteen to Lima for the last two weeks of July this year and Bishop Love will be part of the group.  I am hoping to recruit Fr. Peter Pierson and Bishop Dan Herzog to visit Peru and to teach.  What a joy that would be.  I am also hoping to recruit Bishop Dan to help in Belize.  Peru in the summer is a great alternative to Albany, NY in the winter!

Attending the Convention as its speaker was Archbishop (retired) Drexel Gomez of the Province of the West Indies.

Archbishop Gomez preaching

The Archbishop is one of the architects of the Anglican Communion Covenant and spoke compellingly of its need at this time.  The diocese adopted the Covenant by a vote of about 80% in favor.  The archbishop was an important member of the Windsor Report.

Bishop Love, Bishop Herzog, Archbishop Gomez, Bishop elect Mike

Bishop Love is one of the finest Bishops and Godly leaders that it has been my privilege to meet.  I have seldom seen such pastoral sensitivity and passion.  He is quintessentially orthodox, Biblical, Apostolic and Catholic.  Bishop Herzog is an old friend and one of my “most admired” persons.  It was he who ensured that the clergy coming into the Diocese of Albany would be “orthodox.”  It was he whose vision brought about the creation of Christ the King retreat, camp, conference and healing Center in Greenwich, CT.  I believe it was he who transformed the annual convention from being a normal political gathering to becoming a renewal event for the whole diocese.  Bishop Bill Love and Bishop Dan Herzog have assembled an amazing team of clergy and lay people who are committed to “Disciples Making Disciples.”  This year’s them was “Take  up your Cross and follow me.”

How appropriate!


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3 responses to “Changes, Convention (Diocese of Albany) and deputation

  1. Judith Godfrey

    Great report, Ian! Sorry not to be with you in Coronado.

  2. The Rev. Michael A. Chapman, Bishop Sufragan Elect-Peru


    This was of tremendous report on the cConvention of the Diocese of Albany. I too hope to see there ongoing participation with the Diocese of Peru!


  3. Andrew Gilbert Osmun

    Ian, thanks for the fullness of your information about all the recent events. I look forward to hearing how your travels to CA and TX turn out, my prayers for grace go with you.

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