June 2010 Newsletter

Polly teaching at the Albany Diocesan Convention

Summer 2010

Greetings from Vermont!  Ian and I are using our home in Chester as a base for travels, hospitality, and rest this summer before our return to Lima, Peru, in September.

With Joe and Tina Rhodes, Todd and Patsy McGregor at New Wineskins

We have so much to be thankful for: your partnership with us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, fellowship with other believers in USA churches, gathering with other SAMS missionaries at various conferences and conventions, and the opportunities for outreach in our daily lives.

On the family front we give thanks for my mother’s contentment and care in a top-notch nursing home in Cleveland, our daughter’s approaching marriage to Sam Sweet on October 30th, and our son Joe’s successful solo exhibit in NYC at the Laurel Gitlen gallery. We thank God for blessing our family as we keep them in our prayers each day.

Ian Preaching at St. Peter's Milford, CT

Our ministry this summer is twofold: encouragement of the brethren and preaching/teaching about God’s work in Peru. As we attend Episcopal and Anglican gatherings, we find ourselves encouraging believers to stand firm in their faith and “glory in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:26). Using pictures and narrative, we also share about our ministry within the Anglican Church in Peru. Meanwhile, I am gathering Christian Education materials, and Ian is educating people and parishes about a new 501C3 opportunity.

The latter is a new task for Ian. He will be traveling about the USA with Bishop Godfrey describing the work of the Anglican Church in Peru and ways to help develop a well-trained and educated cadre of Peruvian clergy throughout the country. Soon there will be 12 SAMS missionaries in Peru along with 6 English missionaries from various agencies. This is a lot of talent and energy to work toward this goal: creating a vibrant Peruvian Anglican Church run by Peruvians. We covet your prayer and support in this endeavor.

Polly teaching "Praying in Color" in Lima

We return to Lima for nine months this time and will leave after Labor Day. Please continue to pray for us as we minister in Peru and consider visiting us in Lima!

Support and prayer needs:

  • That our house in Wisconsin would sell this summer
  • Financial support for our ministry
  • Katherine and Sam’s wedding in October
  • Ian’s safe travel with Bishop Godfrey around the country
  • Preparations for our return to Lima in September

God’s grace, blessings, love  and peace be with you all –

Polly and Ian


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2 responses to “June 2010 Newsletter

  1. I am wondering if your son Joe who is in New York City is familiar with the ministry of Calvary St. George’s under the leadership of the Rev. Greg Brewer.

    If not he should. This parish has an outreach to artists like himself.

    Warmly in our Lord,


  2. jesseosmun

    Sounds like you both are busy.. Enjoy the summer in Vermont!

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