Back home again – in Lima

Am I really back? YES everyone is speaking Spanish!

Here we are again!  Back in Peru and loving it, though frankly–a tad overwhelmed.  It is not that Lima has changed much in three months; it is simply a case of culture shock, again, and adjustment in the midst of what feels like a whirlwind.

We arrived on Thursday night in the wee hours, stayed with friends and wondered why our Spanish was so rusty!  Never fear, this is immersion!  On Saturday we moved into our new unfurnished apartment.  For the next ten days it was still in process with Maestro Luhan working to get it finished for us.

View from the apartment

The apartment has been made available to us by one of the ex-pats from the cathedral where we worship and minister each week.   The apartment is large, the rent modest,  and the location wonderful – Praise God!  It was unfurnished so we have been buying the basics – beds, stove, dining table, chairs and sofa.  We have put up curtains.  We have been blessed with guests and daily visitors from the first week we were here – see Polly’s blog here.  It has been a joy – if a tad crazy.

The Saturday after our move we celebrated the consecration of our new missionary bishop – Mike Chapman.

+Mike Chapman

The house was full.  I was the designated photographer and you can see my results here, and here.  It was a wonderful time of celebration and new beginnings.

Bishops, clergy and seminarians after the consecration

It was a time of renewal and fellowship in this wonderful Anglican community on mission here in Peru and South America.  The service began at 6:00 p.m. and ended about 8:30 p.m.  It was followed by a huge reception and then dinner at 10:00 p.m. at Bishop Godfrey’s home (yes they eat late around here).   We got home around midnight.  I had promised to preach the next day and celebrate the early services at the cathedral, so very groggy but hugely energized I did so. Then I enjoyed a long nap.

We have been taking it a bit easier this last week; however, we are both very involved with ALPHA now at the Cathedral.  I am also trying out for the Christmas pantomime, which is performed at the Cathedral every year. This year, it is Cinderella.  We shall see if my stage skills are still there as I acted my way through high school.  It is a fun to be involved in the larger community, and this is a great group of ex-pats.

Reuniting with the clergy has been a joy.  I am invited to assist at some of the shanty town missions.  It is a privilege and they say that they want me to come because I “connect” with the people.  This has to be a gift of God as my language skills are still iffy.  Basically I just love to hang out with the people, chat a bit, and share the God’s love.  We shall see where and how I am used.  I love these people and am so thrilled by what God is doing.  I am continually amazed that I am privileged to be a part of what God is doing here.

Fiesta familiar, Lima Sur. Bishop Godfrey, Deacon Pat and folk from Nazareno missions

Yesterday I attended a great parish and youth gathering in Lima South where all the Anglicans gathered for fellowship, football (soccer) and volleyball.  It was a grand time.

A delight and privilege since returning has been gifting banjos.  There is a guitar, too, that I will be able to give next week to one of the churches.  I was given two banjos to gift down here and had another that I was able to give away.

Padre Benjamin toca su nuevo banjo conmigo

This instrument, which is my delight, is fairly novel, even exotic, down here.  They love it and I have loved playing it here in the midst of worship.  There are some amazing musicians, and it is a joy to see some of these players adopt this new instrument.  The guitar to be gifted was paid for by a supporter in Milford, Connecticut.  One of the local missions had asked for a guitar, and he responded with a check.  God bless you donors!

Please continue to pray for us here.  Those who support us in prayer and $$$ are all partners in this ministry.  Please do not stop!  The cost of furnishing and setting up the apartment has been huge. Furniture and appliances are often more expensive than those in the U.S.  Where possible we have bought used.

Paul Tester - CMS missionary and youth minister - hanging out for Jesus

We continue to be on the front line spiritually– evangelizing, discipling and teaching the people here in Peru.  Our “banner” is “Bringing Jesus to People and People to Jesus.”  This is what we are about here in Peru as part of a fantastic team and a wonderful Church.


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  1. jesseosmun

    Acting? Now there’s an adventure. I hope your new CMS Missionary is enjoying his time there!

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