I have walked away

We follow the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night

As of this morning – October 22, 2010, I am no longer serving as the executive director of Amigos del Peru.  It is my belief that as a fund raising entity AdP will be better served by someone resident in the USA.  I will continue to serve AdP as Bishop Godfrey’s assistant.  I will continue to establish relationships in the USA so that our bishops can effectively raise funds for what God is doing in Peru.  I will continue to produce newsletters, Noticias (our official Diocese of Peru newsletter) and be Bishop Godfrey’s contact in Peru for partner relationships.  None of that changes.  The title changes and serving the board of AdP changes.  I continue to be passionate about what God is doing in Peru and as a missionary I continue to serve my primary calling which is the serving of the clergy as they grow in spirituality and skill, to teach in the seminary and to assist Bishop Godfrey.  I will continue to serve AdP under Bishop Godfrey’s direction in my capacity as Canon of Development for the diocese.


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2 responses to “I have walked away

  1. Ian,
    there have been times and situations when the best thing I could have done was to walk away. so I did. there have been other times when i was asked to walk away. these were some of my saddest times.
    I pray your departure makes room for true men of faith to take on the mantle of grace and to risk and rise to the commission set before them.

  2. jesseosmun

    Sometimes it’s a move of strength.. best of luck on this transition.

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