Ready to return

Polly and I  return to Lima on September 8.   This means packing and planning.  We are also completing our visits to supporting congregations.  We now find ourselves having more congregations than we are able to visit in one summer, which is an interesting problem of sorts.  I love visiting our supporters as it is encouraging both ways.  I really enjoy seeing how God is at work in local churches.  I find that our ministry encourages them.  I have been told several times this summer “I could not do what you are doing!”  For me the answer is complicated because God only asks us to do what we are capable of, however that is when he increases our capacity, stretches us and gifts us anew with the Holy Spirit.  Also for every person sent, in our case to Peru, there are hundreds of senders.  Ultimately what God calls you to do He will equip you – TRUST HIM!  This all assumes that we are both listening and willing to be obedient.

One of the joys of each summer is going to the Diocese of Albany and especially the Christ the King retreat center (CTK).  This was the vision of Bishop Dan Herzog.  He received a lot of flack for doing it.  However it is an amazing resource and a gift not just to the diocese but also to those who live close enough to use its resources.

Bishops Love and Herzog of Albany - two of the greatest and my most favorite bishops in TEC

Polly and I try to go to the healing services at least once a month on Tuesday mornings.  These are led by Fr. Nigel Mumford and his wife Lynn.  They are an amazing couple and triumphs of grace who minister faithfully at the healing center there at CTK.  Next door is the Convent of St. Mary where the dedicated sisters live, practice hospitality and pray.  They pray for our ministry in Peru for which I am hugely grateful.  Whenever we go we run into holy people – not least Bishops Love and Herzog and sometimes Bishop Bena.  It is a joy to be there and to be refreshed.  We usually try to take someone new so that they can discover this incredible resource and gift to the Church.

Last year I was asked – at sort of short notice if I could prepare a video talk on Mission as a mark of discipleship.  Here it is!  The whole series is well worth watching and using in the local Church.  It is called “Marks of Discipleship”  – click this title and there are you tube segments and a study guide, introductions etc.  It was an honor to be invited to give one of these talks.  My prayer is that you will be blessed.

I also want to report that we survived tropical storm Irene.  We lost internet, phone and TV, but not power.  It was an amazing and devastating event for Vermont and especially our area.  Roads were washed out, bridges destroyed and some homes ruined.  However Vermonters just got on with the work of helping each other and working hard.  Gravel trucks and road machines have been working all day, every day.  For a while we were isolated by the rising Williams river.  However three hours after the crest the waters subsided and we could get out again.  We are safe, the world is uncertain and we are in God’s hands.  Thanks be to God!

Looking towards Brockways Mill road

Our neighbor across the river flooded out

Polly on Williams Rd.

Chester, VT washed out road.


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2 responses to “Ready to return

  1. lew

    We will miss you at St. Luke’s. Be safe.

  2. frianm

    Blessings Lew – abrazos a Bonnie – we miss you already.

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