October meanderings

Visiting in Arequipa - at Cristo Redentor

Polly and I have hit the ground running ever since we arrived back in Lima last month.  On a light note we both found that we had been allocated parts in the local amateur dramatic group’s comedy night.  It was fun but necessitated learning lines at the last minute.  I have now landed the role of the King and father of Sleeping beauty for the pantomime December 9 and 10.  More lines to learn an great fun with a great group of people.

Polly jumped into teaching Godly Play again.  This time the group of children is older so Polly has a different approach.  It is working – thanks for the prayers.

I have been immersed in a variety of plans and strategies for the diocese as we continue to grow.  In fact next month we will ordain three more deacons.  This is very exciting.

Warming up with worship at Jesus Fuente de Vida

I am visiting monthly up in Collique, on the far reaches of the northern side of Lima.  Most maps stop before you get there.  Their pastors are Edith Varillas and her husband Jerry Acosta.  They have been working there for four years.  They feed about 150 children a week, run a lively Sunday school and have Sunday evening services.

We went to Arequipa for the dedication of the newly rebuilt orphanage Sagrada Familia.  It was a wonderful time albeit too brief.  See the Amigos del Peru blog for a report and pictures.

Sunday evening before returning to Lima Polly and I visited Santiago Apostol – the shanty town church that is being built by teams from St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Dallas.  The plan was to begin putting in windows and building a roof the week after we left.  I cannot wait to see it again.  Below is a slide show from there as well as the rest of this group of pictures.

I have started a new blog to talk about our missions conference  January 14/15 next year with Bishop Michael Nazir Ali.  It will be preceded by a course of five evening lectures in English and Spanish with students coming from The USA and perhaps England.  There will be representations from Uruguay and the Philippines.  The blog is called   Missio Dei Anglican en Perú  – click to link.  You are all very welcome to come and escape winter and enjoy our summer time.  The web page has the links for registration and lots of details.

Last week we had what will be the first of several services and fellowship for the English speaking missionaries here in Peru.  We began with a service at the Cathedral where we and the bishop renewed our commitment to the mission in Peru, and to each other.  It was very moving.  Afterwards we enjoyed a pot luck BBQ at our apartment.  It was a wonderful time.

Bishop Bill Godfrey leading us in meditation after communion

Thanks for all your prayers, love and support.  We are here because of you and it is a privilege to partner with such a great extended family.  Bless you!

The slide show:

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4 responses to “October meanderings

  1. So which WordPress template are you using to create these pages. I am continuing to look into choices for St. Luke’s in the new year.

    • frianm

      This one is called Pilcrow. I change every so often and use ones where I can put a photo in as a header. Sometimes I like full width and sometimes not. If using a narrow theme then you have to work harder at formatting using the preview option before publishing. I usually work on several drafts before I publish.
      Have fun – blessings – Ian

      PS the house extension is coming along – we are excited and are hoping for pictures soon from our builder.
      Love to you both –

      • lew watters

        Thanks. I shall go and look at the progress for myself toting my camera.
        As for the format, looking at this page right now there is text in the middle with photos plus a wide background photo partially visible on the left and right. Bless to you and Polly for your ministries. Lew

  2. Thanks Lew – will await with bated breath to see your pictures. Blessings – Ian

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