RIP Hector Montgomery. 1917-2012

Many of you have written following my father’s death on January 14.  Thank you so much for your prayers and blessings.  He was a truly good man.  He blessed me.  He was the last of his generation and now it falls to my generation to lead by example and practice what we learned.  I pray we do a good job.  He served in WWII, was wounded at Arnhem and came back without an arm.  He was never daunted and never complained.  He was honest to a fault, generous and of great integrity.  Thanks Dad – I miss you.

We have a Montgomery family reunion in London of Feb. 18.  There is no funeral as characteristically he gave his body for science, as did my mother.  It will be good to gather, to remember, to tell stories and give thanks.

THANKS for the year end support.

Many of you have given in a wonderful and generous way.  It has helped make our year end budget happy.  I know that 2012 will continue to require funds for both ministry, travel and supplies  I will let you all know when we have special needs.  Again THANKS, your financial support and prayers make all the difference as together we are working at the ends of the earth for our Lord and God.  Many blessings for 2012.


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5 responses to “THANKS

  1. Oga Mayo

    Loved the Obituary on your father.

  2. Anthony Smith

    Would you please get in touch ref the sad passing of your father. I am writing the latest issue of the Arnhem 1944 veterans club newsletter and would like to include a reference to your father. I can be contacted on I hope to have to a finished copy ready for the committee on Sunday so would appreciate an early response. Kindest regards, Anthony. Editor. Arnhem 1944 Veterans Club

  3. miguel de althaus guarderas

    Very sorry for the passing away of your father.He directy suffered the war’s attrocities.My father (1912-1988) was a Peruvain diplomat in Britain (1940-1942) before having a diplomatic post in The Hague, from which he sent my mother to Paris because I was to be born then ,she was sent to Paris beacuse of a suspected German invasion, which really hapened.I was born on May 3, 1940, and the German invasion happened on May 10; my father’s attempt to returned to Tha Hague was useless although he tryid hardly to do do so.”this is a plot for a novel or a film” it is said in teh prologue of the book called “El Tercer Reich visto por Torre Tagle;cronicas peruanas d la Segunda Guerra Mundial”.This book has just now been published.
    May your father rest in peace!

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